Beware of These Money-Making Scams

Are you looking for a way to make money from home?

Then chances are, you’ve probably run into your fair share of scams. Except if you haven’t yet investigated any of these opportunities too closely yet, then you may not even realize how many of them are a little shady to downright fraudulent. So let me share with you some of the more common “make money online” opportunities that just don’t work.

Taking Surveys

I’m sure you’ve seen these opportunities all around the web, telling you that you can make money by taking surveys, usually for companies doing market research.

Sounds promising, yes?

Well, the truth is that some of these opportunities actually are legit. That is, the companies do pay people to take these surveys.

But here’s the problem…

You’ll get paid pennies. And that means that you’d probably make more money working in a sweat shop in a third-world country.

So forget about these opportunities. You’ll waste way too much time making way too little money. That’s time you can’t get back. That’s time you could be using to pursue something that actually pays you well.

Assembling Jewelry From Home

Here’s another popular scam, where businesses offer to pay you for every piece of jewelry or other crafts you assemble using one of their kits. Some of these opportunities even pose as religious or charitable organizations.

There are two things that make this opportunity a scam:

  1. They make you pay for the kit. You see, that’s how the scammer makes money, by charging people like you for the kit. They say they can’t afford to send out these kits for free, but really you’re just lining their pockets with pure profits if you buy it.
  2. They reject a LOT of your assembled pieces. Here’s where it really gets scammy. You can be just as careful as can be and assemble the jewelry exactly according to instructions. But when you send in your completed pieces – fully expecting to get paid for them – the company will reject a lot of them.

In the end, you’re working really hard for just pennies per hour. What a scam.

Next up…

Placing Ads

This make money scam goes back many decades, and yet you still see incarnations of it every now and again. Here’s the scam in a nutshell…

You see an ad saying you can make money placing ads. When you reply to this ad, you’re asked to pay a fee in order to start the job. It might be $20, $50 or more. Once you pay your fee, then you find out exactly what you’ll be doing.

Ready for this? You’ll be placing the exact same ad that you just answered, where you ask people to pay you a fee in order to get the job.

So not only is it a huge scam (as there is no real job and no value being exchanged), but you’re also scamming others if you participate in it. If you see anything like this, run far and run fast.

Here’s the Truth About Making Money From Home…

The more you look, the more you realize how many people are trying to scam those who’re looking to make money from home. It’s frightening. And it just about puts you off the whole idea of self-employment.

But hold up…

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to find a real way to make money online, the answer is yes… YES… and a resounding yes! In fact, there isn’t just one way – there are a whole lot of ways. They’re all 100% legit. And they’re amazingly profitable too.

Whether you’re looking to pick up a couple extra hundred bucks to make ends meet, or you’re looking to quit your job and replace your full time income by working from home, there’s a way to make it happen.

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