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How to Buy Cryptocurrency Bitcoin for Beginners

Hi mates, our video these days is pretty special. I’ve decided to make this video because there are viewers who ask questions about cryptocurrency to buy in the feedback section and I additionally have friends on Facebook inquiring. Like “Where can I invest in bitcoin? ” or “Is business enterprise XYZ professional because they’re asking me to make bitcoin investments 10, 000 on the way to reach 30, 000 in 30 days? ” So there are lots of investors asking me about bitcoin investments. For sure, those who are asking are the ones who are new to bitcoins and have no longer yet earned or misplaced in bitcoin from 2017, 2018 and 2019.

So this data could be very crucial. Especially if you’re pretty curious to invest in bitcoin or in case you need to earn in Bitcoin. So it’s very vital to watch and analyze from this video earlier than you begin making an investment in bitcoin. So, for me, there are two ways to earn bitcoins.

First is to shop for bitcoins if the fee is low, after which promote it once the market price is higher. The pronoun “I” could be very important, similar to in cases like ” “I” will buy ” or ” “I will sell”. Avoid having “your pal” to shop for or having “your buddy” to promote. So it’s miles a must which you are that one in an effort to purchase and sell.

The 2d manner to earn in bitcoins is referred to as bitcoin mining. I’ll discuss the second way first, which is Bitcoin mining. Whether it’s miles Bitcoin mining via yourself or Cloud mining. So for now, Bitcoin mining is not profitable due to what they call an “issue”.

Last 2017 or early 2018, I invested in bitcoin cloud mining really worth 20, 000 pesos. But because of the very excessive “trouble”, the mining contract I bought didn’t earn. So from the 20, 000 funding I made, the return I was given was around 3, 000 or 4, 000 pesos. So I suffered a loss as a substitute.

It is not a scam however it isn’t worthwhile for now. So if a person gives you bitcoin mining and asks you to make investments 10, 000 nowadays and says it will likely be really worth 15, 000 in five days, better have a 2d concept. So in bitcoins, there may be genuinely the most effective one way to earn. For me, the most certain and respectable way to earn is for you to buy and sell bitcoins.

We will buy cryptocurrency bitcoin if the price is low and then we can promote it if the rate is high. There are 2 kinds here, funding and buying and selling. When we say investment, it means we hold the bitcoins for a long term. We don’t without difficulty sell bitcoins.

Like, for two years, 3 years or even 5 years before we sell the bitcoins. In buying and selling, there are handiest days, minutes or months before we promote bitcoins. It is a non-stop purchase and sale of bitcoins. Later, I will in addition provide an explanation for the manner of buy and sell in bitcoins and how to in reality earn from it with sample computations.

So it is vital a good way to don’t forget that for now, best is the first choice,  the purchase and sale, wherein you are the one to do it and earn in bitcoin. So now, if you have a pal in Facebook who all at once sends you a message after 10 years pronouncing “Hey, it is right to spend money on bitcoins nowadays because the expenses maintains getting higher” “Just deliver 10, 000 then after 15 days it will be 15, 000, after 30 days it’ll be forty, 000” So, if that’s what they let you know, you higher avoid them. Because likely after a few days or a few months, they’ll disappear. Then your buddy will genuinely purpose out and let you know that they have been additionally a victim.

So you won’t have any claim from it. So make certain to avoid those forms of incidents. So allow us to explain how to truly earn from bitcoins. Whether from investments or day buying and selling or a very brief purchase and sell of bitcoins by trading cryptocurrency.

First of all, bitcoins are crypto forex. So we could buy it and we could also sell it. Just like a greenback or euro, they have equal cost in peso. For example, a dollar now is equal to 48 pesos.

Then after an afternoon it’s far equivalent to forty eight. 20 then after 2 days, it may be 48 pesos flat or 47. Eighty. So its’ fee modifications.

However, dollar equivalents are backed up by the authorities and its movement is tons stable, that means it’s day by day movement is typically in centavos. On the opposite hand, bitcoins are risky. It isn’t always solid. Like nowadays, maybe bitcoins are really worth 10, 000, then after 2 days, 20, 000, then after three days, it could only be 5, 000.

So the rise and fall of a bitcoins’ value is very speedy. So we will give an actual instance. Right here you’ll have a higher appearance and concept on the way to earn in purchase and promotion. So think about this face mask.

I recognise this could be an excellent instance. Imagine this facemask is a bitcoin. This face mask has a fee. For you to have it you must buy it.

So we are able to purchase it. For instance, these days it’s really worth 100 pesos. So we will use a hundred pesos to shop for the face masks. You will not have your one hundred pesos because we used it to shop for face masks.

However, you presently have the face masks. And then came the pandemic, there was a lack within the delivery of face masks and thereby the rate of the face masks rose. Seems love reached the rate of 500 pesos or 700 pesos. So now, the face masks you bought for one hundred pesos, or lets say for instance, the bitcoin that you acquire for a hundred pesos now have a cost of 500 pesos.

So, if we promote the face mask now, of course, the cash we will get has a total of 500 pesos. So from the preceding value of 100 pesos, we were capable of promoting it for 500 pesos, then we earned cash. So our preceding one hundred is now 500. We earned a total of four hundred pesos from the sale.

For instance you will buy a face mask now. It is now really worth 500 pesos. You gave out 500 pesos to buy the face mask. But when the shares became available, there may not be scarcity on face masks and its fee dropped all the way down to one hundred pesos.

The face masks to procure for 500 pesos, if you promote it now could be most effective well worth a hundred pesos. So you suffered a loss of four hundred pesos due to the fact the price of the object you bought dropped. It is just the same with bitcoins. You can either earn or go through a loss.

Our intention is to buy them whilst the charges are low, and sell them as soon as the fees are excessive. I will cross in advance with caution first. Nowadays there are a number of promoters saying that it’s miles superb to buy bitcoins now due to the fact they’re trending up and they will rise up better; that’s somehow incorrect. Because our intention is to buy for a low price and promote at an excessive fee.

For now, its prices are in a high stage. But we don’t understand if its price will get higher or decrease. However, primarily based on the records of bitcoins. Let me display it on the pc in some time.

This is the history of bitcoins for the final three years. You can see that on December 10, 2017 it’s rate is thirteen, 000 bucks that is around 650, 000 pesos. Then around December 17 or 18, 19, the value of the bitcoin is around 19, 000 bucks that’s around 950, 000 consistent with bitcoin. But while you see around January, the value is now lower. It’s far now 13, 000 and on January 24, it’s well worth 10, 000 most effective, that is around 550, 000 pesos.

On January 1, 2019, the value of bitcoin is now at 3, 689 USD. This is what I informed you that the value could fall. There’s no guarantee that the fee will rise. So you could see in around 1 month, the bitcoin misplaced nearly half of it’s fee.

The preceding 1 million really worth of bitcoin is now the simplest 500, 00 pesos. That is around January to February. So this is our main caution here — there’s no guarantee that the fee of bitcoin will always boom.  In it’s records for the final 2 years, there was a time when bitcoin reached the fee of nineteen, 000 USD then it fell to 10, 000 USD in a month.

So today, our modern-day date, December 14, 2020, the current price is around 19, 000 USD or 950, 000 pesos. We aren’t certain if it’s going to grow, however at the same time we also don’t understand if it will fall. So be careful in investing nowadays because the price of bitcoin is high.  This isn’t the perfect time to buy specifically if you are a primary timer.

Although the bitcoin fee may additionally nevertheless grow. It may reach 30, 000 USD or 40, 000 USD. It is feasible, however, to be excessively cautious home mates. You may get stuck on this buying and selling for a very long term.

By the way, in case you’re going to shop for bitcoins. For example, 1 bitcoin is the same as 19, 464 USD, you don’t always want to have that genuine amount of money. You should purchase bitcoins well worth 500 pesos, five, 000 pesos where you’ll get around zero. 01 or zero.

05 bitcoins. You don’t really want to shop for 1 whole bitcoin. You should buy in element values like 0. 05 or the like.

In order to earn, you need to purchase whilst the rate is low. Like, if you buy last January of 2019 wherein the price of a bitcoin is 3, 500, promote it while the charge is high, like in August eight, 2020, in which the bitcoin value is 11, 639 USD. So the cost of bitcoin improved. If you promote your bitcoin, you will acquire an extra amount of cash due to the fact the fee of the bitcoin improved.

Let’s now give an example by way of the numbers. This excel record is quite simple. I made this one in order that I can show it to you in this video. On the right facet, I already placed the values like on December 17, 2017, the price of a bitcoin in peso is 921, a hundred sixty five pesos.

On January 1, 2019, the price was 177, 302 pesos handiest. So now, here is the price on December 14, 2020, that’s 916, 017 pesos. So the way to compute this? For instance this is your cash that you will invest. Let’s say here in “purchase”, you may purchase 10, 000 pesos worth of bitcoin.

The fee of bitcoin, as an example to procure final July 10, 2020, is 443, 000 pesos according to bitcoin. Place it within the bitcoin rate, so as you could see, while offered a bitcoin on that date, the price of bitcoin you get is zero. 02252732988. So this is the price of the bitcoin that you may get out of your purchase at that time.

Remember our instance on face mask, in here, while we purchased what we were given is a bitcoin zero. 022 in fee. Now, for instance on December 14, 2020, the fee of bitcoin is 916, 000. We will position it in BTC fee, then for the amount of bitcoin, reproduction the bitcoin quantity when we bought it that’s zero.

022527. . As you can see, if we are able to sell bitcoin now, it’s contemporary fee is 20, 636. Sixty three.

So the bitcoin you obtain for 10, 000 pesos is now worth 20, 636. 63 pesos. The 10, 000 pesos worth of bitcoins you acquire earlier than is now worth 20, 636. Sixty three pesos.

You earned 10, 636. 63 from this buy and sell. So for instance, you invested 50, 000 pesos as a substitute, you’ll now have a bitcoin quantity of 0. 0126.

And using the identical state of affairs, the peso price of bitcoin is now 103, 183 pesos. So this 0. the 011 BTC amount you got with 50, 000 pesos earlier than, given the BTC fee, is now really worth 103, 183 pesos. Now permit’s show an example of an unfavorable scenario in which the buyer suffers a loss from a sale.

For example, on December 17, 2017, the difference inside the charges is pretty small. You bought 5, 000 pesos worth of bitcoin. You will get a BTC quantity of 0. 0542790.

So we will simply copy it. Then for example, you need to promote bitcoins. However, the bitcoin price reduced, say the following month, or the following month or after 6 months. It’s fee is now only 177, 000 pesos.

So the bitcoin you bought for 5, 000 pesos is now worth 962 pesos only.  So the sale suffered a lack of around four, 000 pesos. What I have proven here is quite simple. But this doesn’t have prices in case there are prices on the platform you’ll use.

In the easy computation I provided, you will see how you could earn and go through a loss in bitcoins purchase and sell trading. Just constantly take into account that the intention is to buy at a low price and promote while the rate is high. Now which you recognize as a way to earn or lose in buying and selling bitcoins, allow us to now test the legitimate websites in which it’s miles safe to buy and promote bitcoins. For now, I most effectively have 2 encouraged sites, first is Binance and the other one is Coins.

Ph. Both web sites have pros and cons, which I will both talk about in a brief way. Don’t make the mistake of going to an incorrect website. I left the exact websites names in the video description beneath.

So you gain it by making the error of going to the wrong ones. The purpose why I advise Binance first is because there are a whole lot of to be had cash right here which can be known as Alt cash These so known as Alt cash. Because it is not limited to bitcoins, there are extra crypto forex like etherium, XRP, ADA, Cardano. So there’s lots greater types of cryptocurrency to explore.

But of course, you need to examine it first before buying any of those.  Study them first thoroughly. Another precise factor in Finance is it’s far more solid, which means there’s very minimum preservation so that you can usually trade. The simplest disadvantage in Finance is that there are only some coins in alternatives.

For now their cash in alternative is only through Mastercard or Visa card. You can buy your coins in coins. Ph and switch or send them to your Binance wallet or account. The next website is Coins.

Ph The suitable element in cash. Ph is that they have got a variety of coins in alternatives. They have options thru 711, Palawan Express, Gcash It is less complicated in an effort to cash in to buy bitcoins, etherium or XRP in cash. Ph.

What I dislike approximately cash. Ph is that after the bitcoin rate trend is continuously growing or vice versa, they suddenly go through upkeep. Or have errors, meaning, you are not able to change or buy and promote, therefore your bitcoins become stuck. So it’s irritating due to the fact that it is the right time to alternate but you can’t because their website online is present process protection.

It took you a while to await the right time to purchase or sell; however , while it comes, you may not due to their upkeep. But it’s not continually like that. Most are simply with the aid of coincidence. For now, I can see the simplest one way to earn money right here.

That is to buy and promote. Buy at a low fee and sell at a higher rate. But don’t forget the risk that you can nevertheless suffer a loss. So domestic buddies, be cautious.

If you want a Finance academic – on the way to change cryptocurrencies right here, comment in the phase beneath “Binance educational”. So that I could educate you on how to buy and sell, and also how to cash in and cash out the cash that you earned. Home mates, ensure to click on the “like” button and with any luck this video has helped you a lot. Not handiest to analyze on the way to trade, buy and promote bitcoins, however also to be conscious and keep away from promoters that make false promises to double your cash in a month or so to be able to invest.

So at least from there, you may be aware of them. So thank you for looking and see you next time!

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